London & Partners

Mainelocker - London & Partners

Client London & Partners
Design Lyn Atelier
Sector London Investment Tourism
Product Lockers with BeCode | Maineseries31

London & Partner offices in More London are adjacent to City Hall, with views of Tower Bridge and The Tower of London. They are the official promotional company for London, attracting businesses, events, congresses, students and visitors, raising London’s international reputation, increasing investment and visitor spend, to create jobs and growth.

Maine’s Becode Tan lockers were selected, so everyone would have a secure personal storage space. They provide a colourful wall to define the central walkway and give privacy to adjacent work groups.

The balance of the storage is Maine Series31, which has been configured specifically for each work group, including suspension filing in drawers and binder filing on shelves but more specifically solutions for the merchandise and marketing material that is ever changing.

Architects Lyn Atelier worked with the furniture specialists, Progress Furnishings, to incorporate the first ever Travel Trade Incubator. This space encourages partners from the travel trade to work alongside each other. To free space for this initiative, flexible working practices were implemented, so the 200 plus staff are supported in only 105 permanent desks.