Maineseries31 is available in 59 heights and 5 widths creating one of the most flexible storage & filing ranges on the market. Total flexibility is achieved using Maine’s wide range of internal configurations including receding doors, pull out shelves & file frames, drawer fronts and cupboard doors. Drawer fronts and cupboard fronts can be interchanged without disrupting the interior.

The range includes drawer units, 1150mm wide units, cupboards and multi -units which are all manufactured in the UK. Drawer fronts are produced from 1mm steel and incorporate a 1mm steel liner and sound absorber. Hinged doors are also from 1mm steel, double-wall construction with self-closing hinges and sound absorber.

The units can be finished in any colour including tonal ranges and corporate colours. Every unit has a unique, traceable identification number and comes with a lifetime product warranty.