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Maineframe launched successfully at 100% design

Maineframe is an innovative new product designed by Maine, the storage units enable access from both sides to enable you to mix and match the type of storage you require. This enables the user to save space and maximise their storage volume in the smallest footprint.

Maineframe allows the addition of a desk, without the requirement for legs on one side or the requirement for two storage units. A single storage unit in the centre, can support a desk on each side, saving space and creating a totally efficient use of office storage. By ganging the units together you can create unique and interesting office layouts to mix the desking and the storage together.

Options for Maineframe include file drawers, cupboards, open units, tambours receding doors, sliding doors, lockers and recycle units or any combination of these to suit your specific requirements.

Accessories include White board, Pin board, Fabric Panels, Desk support bar, USB and 240V power sockets.
Additional Tops available sloping, curve and dome tops and planter trays to complement the units.